Olegas Ribikauskas
Handmade Art-Dolls / Sculptures / special Rowing Boats

handmade special rowing boats and paddles

There is nothing normal about this boats, wich are built according to cannadian style strip construction (not clamped) out of oak wood, several fiberglass layers, epoxy resin and yacht paint.

Air-filled safety chambers are located at the rear, front and center.

The boats are very stable and durable. Attention was paid to a fine execution / working out, so you shoud take a look at the artistic kind of construction.

The handmade paddles out of wood are also coated with fiberglass and epoxy resin. The edges are provided with special inserts so that the surface is not damaged by impacts. Boats and paddles are made in all shapes and sizes.


The two boats in the pictures are not finalized yet. The finishing grinding work and the last coat of paint are still missing.